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The Flame lily or fire lily, is a stunning flower from the wilderness, with a sight that will make anyone wonder. Flaming petals open out like the wings of a butterly and colours that resemble ignited flames, it is therefore, not surprising that this flower is also called the glory lily. In dhivehi it is called "Viha Langon'di Maa", perhaps due to its toxic properties but astonishingly, the plant is even used for medicinal purposes!

We named the dress, Flammia, an Italian word meaning "Little Flame"; such a beautiful name, isn't it? The perfect name for our new gorgeous dress for this Fitr Eid, which was inspired by the native beautiful flower.

The mini florals of this stunning flower are on a short puff-sleeved ivory dress with a square neckline, fitted with an elastic band on the back of the neckline. With a flowy small ruffle skirt attached at the waistband, this linen dress is cosy and perfect for any occasion of your little ones.


To find the right size for your baby, please use the size chart. It’s always best to take measurements to find the perfect fit for your child. We allow measurement tolerance of +/- 0.5cm to 1cm. 

Size Guide

Age            Length         Chest          Sleeve  


6-12M        45.5cm         53cm           14.7cm    


12-18M        47cm            56cm          15.5cm   


18-24M         50cm          59cm           16.2cm


2-3Y              53cm         63cm             17cm


4-5Y              61cm          65cm            17.7cm


6-7Y              65cm          68cm            18cm


8-9Y              68cm          71cm             18.5cm


material 90% linen, 10% Cotton 

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